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Delivery Check (Development) 2018

De onderstaande checklist wordt gebruikt door onze webdeveloper en project consultants om zeker te stellen dat de website correct is opgeleverd.
the domain that the testwebsite is on:
Firefox, Chrome, IE 10/11/Edge, mobile: inputs/chosen
Is the website accesible in the resolutions 1440, 1024, 786 & 480
Did you create the newsletter?
Is the portal included and are the right modules set?
Is the website filename in the guide/frontoffice [websitename][year]? Are all of the old template files deleted?
Are there teaser descriptions and are the teaser names set correctly in the CMS?
Check if the right templates are forced on modules
Is the standard email signature set with the right logo?
Is the print cv logo set?
Did you add the new custom online cv to the UTS folder?
Is there a favicon?
Is the relation manager set with everything? name, company name, adress, main e-mailadress, logo, OG logo
W3c validator, Google pagespeed?
Is the new Google recaptcha enabled for the demo aswell as the live website domain?
Arethe vacancy url's formatted with stripes '-' instead of underscores '_' ?
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